Know it: too late or not?

Fam 1.0   Well, a funny thing about life is that we realise it or everything too late. Too late to do it now. Too late to change. Too late to tell. Let me connect this to the first sentence I have typed. Too late? Not so, the guilt, regrets more than the realization. //... Continue Reading →


Into the Wild – Staying Hydrated

For most of us, scheduling is less than a routine and places which an adventurous spirit takes us to, it often is difficult to keep liquids around. Packing bags at a short notice (almost, with less/ no luggage at times), makes choosing the right number of things even more important.  Who hasn’t heard: ‘less luggage... Continue Reading →

Where is your shame?

No, it’s not about Asifa, the hell it shouldn’t even be. It is not about the Government, not even about the Supreme Court where the Chief Justice sits as a Judge in his own case. It is not about the Dalit women, nor the LGBTQ, it is also, not about my neighbour who does not... Continue Reading →

Mirror, mirror on the wall ..

Today, when you come home carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, tell me something more about yourself, will you? I, probably know not a thing about you, never had the courage to know and still, be able to stand by you. ‘I am sorry’, is what you tell me, and I stare... Continue Reading →

Because dad said so.

07/11/2016 11:01 am I don’t know what thoughts are running in my head, I had a fight with dad last night – he was obviously concerned with my eating habits, I had stopped eating suddenly,  almost everything and there he wanted reasons why. I had none, to what could I say what I felt about... Continue Reading →

Everything, a-little-too-much.

With this Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder of correcting the font to Times New Roman, and its size to twelve, adjusting the zoom on the page to a 100% before even sitting down on my thoughts and get to draft to tell you what it feels like to be me, with my spacebar bouncing quite often as I... Continue Reading →

Zindagi migzara

 “If you want to know what it feels like to be lucky, take a breath.” Stealing a line from Looking for Alaska, to start with, which says – “You spend your whole life stuck in labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future -... Continue Reading →

C’est la vie!

“… in my opinion, you’re good for nothing.” Opinion. Society. Ego. Depression. Family. Drama. Trust. Feels good to listen to your own voice, eh? Having read those words on the top, there was a certain feeling of usualness that developed inside you. It happens to most of us to know what it really feels like being... Continue Reading →

a part of me.

                                     a part of me dies when it sees a woman being abused by a man. for the crime she might have done, for the hell she did not deserve.   a part of me dies when it... Continue Reading →

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